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Laminator Series

  • 1
Four-position laminator
  • Application
  • Z-shaped laminates mainly used in square lithium-ion power battery batteries

  • Feature
  • 1. Linear motor servo module, bus control, high-speed and stable operation;

    2. Dust removal system reduces dust influence during lamination and improves the rate of good products of cores.

    3. Automatically reject unqualified polar plates, such as swollen or tilted polar plates;

    4. Reduce the size of the equipment, and greatly reduce the floor area under the same efficiency.

  • Specifications
  • Technical parameter Lamination efficiency 0.5-0.6s/片
    Auxiliary time 12s
    Positioning accuracy of drum after diaphragm rewinding ±0.2mm
    Positioning Accuracy of X and Y Axis ±0.1mm
    Theta Rotation Angle Error Accuracy ±0.05°
    Global Alignment of Pole Width and Length Direction ±0.25mm
    Integral alignment of diaphragm width and length ±0.25mm
    Accuracy of Lateral and Longitudinal Alignment between Positive and Negative Plates Central deviation
    Vertical alignment accuracy of transverse polar plate and diaphragm

    Central deviation

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