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Integrative Machine Series

  • 1
Integrated machine
  • Application
  • It is mainly used in cutting and laminating of power/energy storage battery electrodes.

  • Feature
  • 1. The material of positive and negative plates is coiled material, Z-shaped lamination is carried out by cutting and feeding, so as to eliminate the problems of powder dropping and multi-piece absorption of traditional single and double position laminator.

    2. Integration of production and lamination, high efficiency, energy saving and space saving;

    3. Robot + vision positioning, lamination positioning is more accurate and stable;

    4. When cutting the core, the electrode and the diaphragm are pressed and glued to ensure that the electrode does not displace.

  • Specifications
  • Technical parameterDie cutting speed≥150pcs/min
    Alignment Accuracy of Polar Monolithic≤±0.2mm
    Integral alignment accuracy of pole core≤±0.3mm
    Diaphragm alignment accuracy≤±0.3mm
    Positioning accuracy of diaphragm head and tail≤±0.5mm
    Lamination efficiency150pcs/min(Whole machine efficiency)
    Laminating process requirementsPolar film without knocking, crushing powder, ear without bending, indentation, curling, diaphragm without scratches, cuts, piercing, stains, etc.
    Cutter lifeSingle life of positive pole is more than 1 million times, single life of negative pole is more than 800,000 times and can be grinded 10 times.

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