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Compound Machine Series

  • 1
Composite machine
  • Application
  • It is mainly used for cutting positive and negative electrodes of power/energy storage battery and thermal composite with diaphragm, and finally forming positive and negative composite units and laminating them.

  • Feature
  • 1. The material of positive and negative electrodes is coiled material. Through cutting, thermal compounding and lamination of the electrodes, the problems of powder dropping, multi-film absorption, uneven diaphragm tension, wrinkling and pulling injury of the traditional Z-shaped laminates are eliminated.

    2. Integrated production, lamination and hot pressing, high efficiency, energy saving and space saving;

    3. Robot + vision positioning, lamination positioning is more accurate and stable;

  • Specifications
  • Ttechnical parameterLamination velocity200-300 PPM
    Laminated positioning methodCCD positioning
    Longitudinal burr of polar plate (beyond coating)Less than 0.01mm
    Precision of alignment between polar plate and diaphragmThe center deviation is less than 0.2mm (longitudinal)
    Diaphragm alignment accuracyEnd-to-end alignment deviation less than 0.2mm
    Compound positioning accuracy±0.3mm
    Accuracy of global alignment of polar plates±0.4mm
    Polar ear position deviation±0.4mm

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