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Die Cutting Machine Series

  • 1
Multipole Ear Die Cutting Machine
  • Application
  • It is mainly used in the forming and winding of polar ears for polar plates. It can be used in winding process with efficiency up to 50m/min.

    According to the change of material width, the cutting time will be affected, and the production speed will also be changed.

  • Feature
  • 1. Punch and cut the continuous coil out of the ear and collect it into coils.

    2. Double unwinding with one set

    3. Fuel injection function of cathode belt

    4. Surface and Size Detection Function with CCD

  • Specifications
  • Technical parameterPunching efficiency(m/min)50
    Polar Plate Adaptation Height Range(mm)80--650
    Extreme ear height adaptation range(mm)5--30
    Pole Forming Accuracy(mm)±0.1
    Adapt to Maximum Roll Diameter(mm)700
    Punching burr(μm)<12

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